Duck Life 2

Duck life 2 is a casual game in a formative series. Here, you will raise a little duck from a young age and make it look all-round. No matter in flight or swimming skills, you will make the little duck become the last one with full capabilities and become the king of the strongest ducks in the competition.

Duck life 2 game operations

In Duck Life 2, you will name the duck you choose, and then train it in various skills to turn its lighting skills into all-round. In the flight mode, the up and down arrows are using to adjust the direction; During swimming training, the left and right arrows indicate directional movement, while the up arrow indicates jumping and the down arrow indicates diving. During the climb phase, the direction key moves in the direction.

Duck life 2 game features

It is a formative game, which ensures that the duckling can enter the final competition only after all aspects of abilities are adequately brushing. In Duck Life 2, you can make material purchases in stores so that ducklings can upgrade their skills and better win the round of the competition. Take each race seriously and improve the duck’s skills and strength before the final game.

Duck life 2, it is a formative series of games, where you can choose a duck.  To train all kinds of skills for him so that he can become the best champion on the final stage.  And the classic free Tetris. What you need to do here is to control the shape of each square so that it can form a line with others carefully when it finally falls and can be eliminated as a score.

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